Small, traditional fishing vessels in Northern Norway and Iceland operating in in pristine, Arctic waters catch some of the world´s best fish. Bryggefisk transports the fish by air to London, and delivers it supremely fresh to British customers. Fresher Arctic fish is presumably not available in the UK.

Our fish

Bryggefisk only offers fish of the highest quality from the fleet of small fishing vessels in Northern Norway and Iceland. These boats normally have a crew of 1-3 people, and the fish is treated with the greatest care every step of the way. Once it is taken on board, it is immediately slaughtered, bled and put on ice. Filets are cut on land, and already the same day it is taken to the nearest airport for transportation to London. The fish is kept in a temperature controlled environment all the way to the customer.

Coastal society

Bryggefisk supports local coastal communities in Northern Norway and Iceland

The fleet of small fishing vessels maintains century-long traditions and help remote coastal communities stay alive in the 21st century. The small fishing boats use traditional catch techniques, and the crew treats each individual fish with the greatest care. By offering customers this outstanding quality fish, we lend our support to upholding the traditional settlement and way of life in small villages in Northern Norway and Iceland.